While every massage session is unique, each client has their own story TO tell of how our work together provided the care that they needed.

"Megan gives an unbelievable Swedish massage. I always leave the massage feeling completely restored. Megan checks in with you, asks for feedback and is responsive to any sensitive areas."

— Melissa M

"Megan gave me the best massage my sensitive dancer-body could ask for. She found all the tight spots and was able to release them. I left feeling happy, relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend her massages."

— Noemi D

"I never received massage from Megan but I could see her giving massage to the kids from Smile Group, in Vietnam. She has got a great Presence and I could feel her energy of Love and Compassion while she was giving massage to the kids."

— Elizabeth S

"Baby massage has cured Max's gassy belly, and he's much happier than before."

— Imran, father of Max

"Went back to NY for a visit. Got a bad case of a cold. Megan helped me recover and feel much, much better in one session. Wish I could visit her regularly."

— Kanako F

"Megan's comforting and empathic presence, her powerfully articulate hands, and her wise approach to treatment helped me a great deal. I recommend her without reservation!"

— Gabriela S

"I don't have words to describe it. Every cell in my body was relaxed and happy."

— Parvathy M

"Had a massage last week after an overnight plane ride. Megan got my body back in place. Highly recommend her."

— Radhika B

"Megan is a truly gifted therapist who has made a huge difference in my health and well-being."

— Vijay B

"Coming back from major surgery Megan put my body and mind back together. Forever grateful."

— Leo L