Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can contribute enormously to a woman’s experience of pregnancy as well as her birth and postpartum. In my nurturing treatments for expectant mothers, I customize each session, using both Swedish prenatal massage techniques, which help ease leg cramps, swelling, sciatica, and discomfort in the hips, back and joints, and Arvigo® pregnancy massage, which supports structural changes in uterine walls and ligaments and helps to align the growing uterus to alleviate discomfort and ease labor, birth and postpartum.

You will also learn a simple self-massage routine that will help you to retain that post-massage comfort level.

Recommended schedule of visits:

Through 19 weeks: 1 visit per month for a 1-hour session.

After 20 weeks: 2 per month for a 1-hour session.

After 36 weeks: Minimum once a week for a 1-hour session.

Arvigo® practitioners around the world have repeatedly found that their clients experience significantly more comfortable pregnancies as well as shorter and easier labors.

From a prenatal client:

"I also have been doing the Maya belly massage at night and it's been helping with the pulling and stretching I'm feeling in my rectus abdominus. I feel it at my round ligaments and where my rectus attaches at my left rib. The massage soothes it completely so that's been great. Thank you for giving me this tool <3"

— Jasmine S



Prenatal Massage 1 Hour      $130

Buy 5, Get 6 $650 (see “Special Offers”)

PLEASE NOTE: I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. By booking with me, it is understood that YOU MUST CANCEL within 24 hours of your appointment, or you agree to be liable for the cost of the appointment.

MONDAY APPOINTMENTS MUST BE CANCELLED ON FRIDAYS, since my office is closed on weekends, and I cannot cancel the commitment I have made to pay for the space.

Thank you for your understanding.


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