Postpartum Massage

New mothers often suffer from achiness, exhaustion, and feeling overwhelmed. It's helpful to keep in mind what enormous changes the body has undergone throughout pregnancy and birth, and to take time to nourish the mother back to optimum health. Massage is an important component of postpartum care. Massage to areas other than the abdomen is appropriate as soon as the new mother feels ready

Once she has fully recovered from birth (at least 6 weeks for a vaginal birth, more as needed for a C-section), as long as she feels comfortable having abdominal massage, then the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (see that section in Services) can be very helpful in re-aligning the uterus and establishing pelvic health.

A postpartum massage will help:

  • Bring relief to sore spots and relax muscle tension

  • Increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles

  • Encourage the body to release endorphins – the natural pain killers and feel-good hormones secreted by the brain.

  • Encourage the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin triggers the letdown reflex which releases milk from your breast.

  • Speed up recovery from a C-section if you've had one. Although you need to stay clear of your wound as long as it hasn't healed, gentle massage to the area thereafter will increase blood supply and help with internal healing.

  • Improve well-being and immunity by stimulating lymph flow.

  • Ease the baby blues and post natal depression. Massage is an excellent stress buster and mood elevator.

Buying a package of treatments is a great way to ensure that your recovery from birth will be complete. 

Recommended are 2 sessions per month for 3 months. As soon after birth as the mother wishes, Swedish massage on the limbs, back, and head is beneficial, and once the abdomen is fully healed at 6-12 weeks, we may switch to Arvigo® sessions, which include gentle abdominal manipulation, warm castor oil packs, and energy and sound therapy.

Arvigo Therapy®  is especially effective in helping support mothers who wish to have a VBAC in the future, as well as preventing adhesions and pulling around the surgical scar.


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Postpartum Massage 1 Hour      $130

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