"Megan gives an unbelievable Swedish massage. I always leave the massage feeling completely restored. Megan checks in with you, asks for feedback and is responsive to any sensitive areas." — Melissa M

"Megan's comforting and empathic presence, her powerfully articulate hands, and her wise approach to treatment helped me a great deal. I recommend her without reservation!" — Gabriela S

"Megan gave me the best massage my sensitive dancer-body could ask for. She found all the tight spots and was able to release them. I left feeling happy, relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend her massages." — Noemi D

"I don't have words to describe it. Every cell in my body was relaxed and happy." — Parvathy M

"Had a massage last week after an overnight plane ride. Megan got my body back in place. Highly recommend her." — Radhika B

"I never received massage from Megan but I could see her giving massage to the kids from Smile Group, in Vietnam. She has got a great Presence and I could feel her energy of Love and Compassion while she was giving massage to the kids." — Elizabeth S

"Megan is a truly gifted therapist who has made a huge difference in my health and well-being." — Vijay B

"Baby massage has cured Max's gassy belly, and he's much happier than before." — Imran, father of Max

"Coming back from major surgery Megan put my body and mind back together. Forever grateful." — Leo L

"Went back to NY for a visit. Got a bad case of a cold. Megan helped me recover and feel much, much better in one session. Wish I could visit her regularly." — Kanako F