Swedish Massage

The foundation of Western therapeutic touch, Swedish massage is calming and de-stressing, restores normal circulation to stuck, contracted or over-stretched tissues, and eases nerve impingements and myofascial adhesions – resulting in less pain and more freedom of movement.

Usually performed using oil on bare skin with the client unclothed or wearing underwear and under modest draping. May be performed without oil through clothing if desired.

Such maladies as back pain, plantar fasciitis, TMJ Syndrome, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tension headaches and fibromyalgia, to name a few, are very effectively treated with Swedish massage.

Pressure may range from light, long strokes to very firm and targeted work, depending on the client's preferences and the conditions addressed. A variety of techniques may be used to optimize each client's session: gentle relaxation massage, deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, or myofascial release.


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